October 2018 – Please note that due to a transfer of liquor licence currently being in progress Great Southern Brewing is unable to supply stock at the present time. If you would like to be advised when our licence transfer is complete please let us know. 

Great Southern Brewing is a wholesale supplier of Award winning beers. We export worldwide from both our Australian and audited partner international brewing locations.

All beers are brewed to order. Most products are available in a glass bottle or aluminium can and in a 4, 6, 12 or 24 unit pack. Kegs can also be produced.

Please note in some international markets Baron’s products are labelled as Down Under. Some Top End products are also available to be labelled as Great Southern Brewing or Down Under depending on your end market preference. 

Please review our range below and use our Contact page to detail your requirements or ask any questions.


The Baron’s Native Range

Baron’s (Down Under) Black Wattle Ale 5.2% ABV features a smooth malt taste flavoured with the distinctive touch of roasted wattle seeds native to Australia.

This multi award winning beer is full bodied, flavoursome, surprisingly smooth and ultimately satisfying.



Baron’s (Down Under) Lemon Myrtle 4.5% ABV is the real Australian version of the Belgian style white beer.

Flavoured with native Australian Lemon Myrtle, this beer is a perfect balance of zesty lemon rind and ripe citrus flavours.

Being bottle conditioned, this cloudy ale is lively on the palate yet surprisingly smooth.



The Baron’s Premium Range

The clean and refreshing finish of Baron’s (Down Under) Pilsener 4.7% ABV makes it a wonderfully satisfying drinking experience. The head is white and dense, the body is straw coloured, the aroma is with a hint of graininess and the flavour is the perfect balance of light grain and bittering hops. The result. a sensational glass of Pilsener.

Baron’s (Down Under) Light 2.7% ABV is the newest addition to our Barons Range, so beer drinkers can enjoy the well balanced and refreshing Barons taste they are accustomed to…only lighter!

Baron’s (Down Under) Lager 4.5% ABV is brewed using only the finest ingredients available. Lager drinkers will be rewarded with a crisp, well balanced beer with a light bitter finish making this lager a truly enjoyable and refreshing beer.

Baron’s (Down Under) Pale Ale 4.6% ABV offers a new direction for pale ale drinkers, delivering a flavoursome and highly sessionable beer. It is a bright, thirst quenching ale with subtle tropical fruit like flavours and aromas.

Baron’s (Down Under) ESB 4.7% ABV is a special take on the classic British style that is known for its big hoppy flavours and solid malt backing. It combines the best characteristics of UK bitters to create a champion of the style. This pleasant bitter finish is best enjoyed cold.

Baron’s (Down Under) Redhead 4.6% ABV offers the lager drinker a new and delicious taste experience. As a smooth rich lager from specialty malts, it has a deep red hue and brilliant white head. Redhead is a thirst quenching and truly satisfying beer that will leave you wanting more


The Top End Export Range

Our Top End (Great Southern Brewing) lager 4.5% ABV is brewed using only the finest ingredients to ensure that it delivers a truly premium drinking experience.

Lager drinkers will be rewarded with a well balanced, thirst quenching and flavoursome beer.



Top End (Great Southern Brewing & Down Under) Shandy 2.9% ABV is an ice cold beer with sweet lemonade.

A simple combination of our two favourite drinks – perfect for that hot summer’s day!




Top End Stout 4.7% ABV is a traditionally brewed German Schwarz style black beer crafted using the finest barley malt for premium flavors and aroma.